Content Channel

Submitting Creative Materials

Materials Due Date: Creative is due 30 days prior to the launch date.

When submitting creative, please send the following items:

  • Logo(s)
  • Web Ads
  • Assets for In-Channel Promotion (optional)
  • Social Media URL (optional)

Logo(s): White and color version with transparent background. High resolution preferred (.eps, .psd, or .png).

Web Ads: Will be used to run on content channel homepage 100% of the time and up to 25,000 impressions on stories tagged with the content channel topic.

  • Prelude
  • Medium Rectangle (Recommended: two creative versions for variety)
  • Half Page (Recommended: two creative versions for variety)

Assets for In-Channel promotion: Max 3 assets (.pdf).

  • Title
  • Short description (150 characters including spaces)

Social Media URL: Link to your social media of choosing (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).



General Specifications

The Prelude is a full width ad experience with sight, motion, and interaction capabilities. It is designed to fit across all devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile, allowing each device to receive a fully optimized ad experience.

Demo link

There are two possible versions of the Prelude:

  1. Static Image
  2. Video with Background Image

Both versions require an image that will run the full width of the browser on desktop.  This image can be any height; the default is 1600x400px.

The Static Image version requires a version of the image sized for mobile.  This image will also be the full width of the browser, and must take up less than 30% of the screen to conform to Better Ad Standards.  The default size is 640x360px.

The Video with Background Image version requires a video, which can have any dimensions, though we recommend that it have a 16:9 aspect ratio. The video can be placed anywhere over the background image.  The background image can contain messaging and calls to action in the space not covered by the video.  The mobile version will contain the video without a background image; we recommend the 16:9 aspect ratio because it takes up about 30% of a mobile browser window.


Video with Background Image (MP4, VAST, YouTube, Video URL)

  • May be any dimensions (16:9 aspect ratio recommended, 960×540 would be a good size).
  • Maximum video length: Variable (recommended 15 to 30 Seconds).
  • Videos should be compressed on delivery to ensure maximum quality.
  • File size: Under 2MB*
  • TIP: There needs to be space to place the video over the background image without covering something important – for the default 1600×400 background image, that means leaving a blank space somewhere in the image that is 711x400px (or a little bit smaller if you want to leave a border around the video).  Video preludes don’t need a mobile image because the video will take up the whole space.

Static Image (jpg, png, gif)            

  • Desktop: May be any dimensions; default is 1600x400px
  • Mobile: Must not take up more than 30% of browser window; default is 640x360px.
  • Images should be sized for the ad, not downsized from larger image.
  • File size: Recommended under 200KB* 

* Total file size must be under 4MB


  • Max Length: 10 sec. maximum 
  • File Size: 40K 
  • Max Loops: 3
  • Click here for a list of approved third-party vendors.

Medium Rectangle

Dimensions: 300px × 250px

File Formats: .gif, .jpg, 3rd party tags

Max Length: 10 sec. 

Max File Size: 40K

Max Loops: 3

Click here for a list of approved third-party vendors.

*You may submit up to three different creatives for the three right hand rail spots

Half Page

Desktop dimensions: 300px × 600px

Mobile dimensions: 300px × 250px

File Formats: .gif, .jpg, 3rd party tags

Max Length: 10 sec. 

Max File Size: 40K

Max Loops: 3

Click here for a list of approved third-party vendors.

*You may submit up to three different creatives for the three right hand rail spots

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