Content Syndication

Submitting Creative Materials

Materials Due DateCreative is due 7 days prior to launch.

When submitting creative, please send the following items:

  • Asset
  • Logo(s)
  • Registration Questions
  • Registration Page Description
  • Listing Information

Asset: in .pdf or .mp4 form.

Logo(s): sponsor logo(s) and any partner logo(s). These are used for branding the registration page and advertising materials. High-quality images are preferred; if you have the original .ai, .eps or .psd of your logo(s), that is ideal.

Registration Questions: Standard fields are Name, Email, Title, Phone, Company, City, State, and Country. Make a note of any additional fields. Max of 15 registration fields. Required fields should be marked.

Registration Page Description: 200 words or less. Abstract for the whitepaper. Be specific to attract relevant registrants and to reach your target audience. Bulleted lists have worked well for this.

Listing Information:

  • Image: 250px × 190px (.gif, .jpg – static image files only). Simple imagery with no text recommended, logo will be utilized if this is not provided.
  • Title: 64 characters or less (including spaces)
  • Byline: Proper client name. Also include day/time information if applicable. 64 characters or less (including spaces).
  • Body Text: 300 characters or less (including spaces)
  • URL: This is the landing page URL created by Questex; client will not need to provide.
  • Teaser Text: One sentence that will be displayed in the newsletter and should be written to grab the interest of your audience to want to read more.

Optional: additional promotional copy or images. Anything that could be used to enhance promotion – product images, ads, charts, etc. If you have any materials already on hand that could help to better understand and promote your asset, please include them.