Multi-Touch Email

Submitting Creative Materials

Materials Due Date: Creative is due 7 days prior to launch.

When submitting creative, please send the following items:

  • Asset
  • Logo(s)
  • Registration Page Description
  • Subject Line x3 (optional)

Asset: one asset in .pdf form

Logo(s): sponsor logo(s) and any partner logo(s). These are used for branding the registration page and advertising materials. High-quality images are preferred; if you have the original .ai, .eps or .psd of your logo(s), that is ideal.

Registration Page Description: 200 words or less. Abstract for the whitepaper. Be specific to attract relevant registrants and to reach your target audience. Bulleted lists have worked well for this.

Subject Line: Option to provide 3 subject lines for each email ‘touch’.  If they are not provided, Questex will create the subject lines.  70 characters or less (including spaces). To avoid spamming issues, refrain from using exclamation marks, ALL CAPS, unusual characters, misleading descriptions, and spam triggering words, such as “Free” or “Guaranteed”.