Custom Resource Center

Materials Due Date: Creative is due 30 days prior to the launch date.

When submitting creative, please send the following items:

  • Logo(s)
  • Target Market
  • Title
  • Description
  • Topics
  • Assets
  • Form Fields

Logo(s): sponsor logo(s) and any partner logo(s). These are used for branding the registration page and advertising materials. High-quality images are preferred; if you have the original .ai, .eps or .psd of your logo(s), that is ideal.

Target Market(s)

Title: 75 characters or less. Let the audience know what your Custom Resource Center is all about.

Description: 100 words or less. Brief overview of the assets provided. It is highly recommended to include why these assets are useful to your target audience.

Topics: 3-5 topic filters (recommended) to group assets together. I.e. content type, subject type, etc.

Custom Registration Form Fields: Standard include – First Name, Last Name, Email, Company/Agency Name, Job Title, Country, Zip Code (US Only).

Assets: Minimum of 3 assets must be submitted. Each asset submission must include a title and description (~300 characters). Specifications for assets below:

Document and Links: Provide content and/or links that you would like available for attendees here. We can link to webpages (articles, blogs, etc. that live on your website), but only if your website allows third parties to display pages through an iframe. We can upload .PDFs (eBook, whitepaper, brochure, etc.) and images/infographics (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF). Best practice is to stick with .PDF files, as these file types will be universally recognized on all systems and browsers. Please provide a clear and concise title and description (around 300 characters) for each asset.

Video Collection: We can add links to videos which already live on Vidyard, Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, Zoom, ReadyTalk, or we can accept an MP4 file and upload it to Brightcove for hosting. Please provide a clear and concise title and description (around 300 characters) for each video.

Assets NOT accepted: Unfortunately, we cannot upload PowerPoints, Word files, MP3s, or ZIP files. If a file exists behind a paywall or other form on your website, please do not provide a link to that paywall or form. Instead, please provide the actual document that resides behind that gate.